Sunday, June 3, 2012

healthy coconut cookie

                                                            healthy coconut cookie

                                                       healthy coconut cookie
for 14-15 cookies:

One cup of whole wheat flour.
One cup of sugar alternative/sugar powder.
One cup of unsweetened desiccated coconut.
One tsp baking soda.
3/4 cup skimmed  of milk or as needed.
1tb of margarine/ butter [cold].


1. Mix all the dry ingredients well.
2.  Add milk and make a sticky-soft dough .
3. Place the cookie dough in baking tray, [leave one inch of gap between two cookies] and bake them in  pre heated oven [180C]for 10 mins.
4. After 10 mins turn around each cookie and again bake them for another 10 mins.
5. Cool them on a wire rack and serve with tea/coffee or milk shake.

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